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Since the original announcement regarding circuit tournament ribbons, more site sections have expressed a desire to be included in the rewards system. Many areas of the site have been working on their inclusion, allowing unparalleled representation the likes we haven’t seen before. Due to the influx of more site sections and the desire to give proper representation to all areas deserving of it, we’re revamping the ribbon system slightly. Starting now, we will be awarding ribbons depending on what group the circuit falls into:

  • - Current gen Smogon metas (Ubers, OU, UU, RU, NU, PU, LC, DOU, Monotype)
  • - Old gen metas (RBY, GSC, ADV, DPP, BW, ORAS, SM)
  • - Other circuits (BSS, OM)
Thanks to Sgt.Moose for the artwork.

For example, the winners of the UU circuit and RU circuit will have identical ribbons in their postbit. But fear not! We’re including hover text to differentiate the specific circuit won for each ribbon, regardless of what category it falls into. And when the ribbon’s term expires, a standard gray ribbon will take its place with the hover text “Former Circuit Tournament winner,” across all 3 categories. We realize this may undercut the advances made by the lower tier communities to gain access to ribbons in the first place, but overall our intent was to be as accommodating across site sections as possible, while still maintaining and preserving the prestige that players want after their accomplishment in the circuit tournaments forum.
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Not enough of a major overhaul to warrant yet another thread but an update is required:

Circuit tournaments will, starting next year, become more standardized across tiers. Instead of the current state where every tier has had no limitation for what they can and can't have included the standardization aims to ensure that every tier holds about the same tours at about the same frequency, with some leeway. Additionally, instead of circuits soley being a section leader-lead pursuit they will instead be a joint effort between the section leaders and the TD team, due to their semi-official nature. Do note that starting in 2019, the following will also apply:
Official circuit tournaments will fall under the same rules governing official tournaments. Tournament bans will apply to both circuit tournaments and official tournaments, and individuals may be tournament banned for actions that occur during an official circuit tour. Tour hosts for official circuit tournaments will work directly with the tournament director team in cases where rulings or investigations need to be made.
As a first step, the circuit tournament subforum has (again) been moved back to the Tournaments section of the forums. You will see more information regarding this as the new year approaches.
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